Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Master Bedroom

the chair in front of my writing desk is an antique. Hundreds years... , it's been my chair since I was in elemantary in Surabaya. My late father gave it me. It is a "kursi kartini" (the name), Kartini's style. I love it very much. When I moved to US 7 years ago, it happened that that chair wasn't be brought. Fortunately my husband's former boss (2 months after we moved) went back home to US and they kindly brought this chair for me.

Oh yeah.. our bedroom is so big. Maybe it's around 10x10 m2, not included the dressing room (3x4 m2) and a bathroom.

My kids like to watch TV here. Emir and Farah always, well almost, sleep here everynight before they move to their own room.

dressing room, and next to it, is the bathroom