Saturday, December 23, 2006

the antiques

I love this gebengan. It's really beautiful. It's old (hundreds years for sure) but elegant. Not to mention it is veryy..heavy.

One day in Surabaya around 1980's. A student college from madura came to my mom ( for some reason he knew that my parents liked antique stuff). He brought this gebengan and begged her to buy this. My mom tried to bargain but my brother who was at the university at that time told her not to bargain. Yes my mom bought this. The young man was happy he said that the money would be for his school expenses.

The console table, chairs and the mirror are not in one set. But my mother liked to put them together. So do I. They are nice. The table has a hidden small trunk attached. A dutch lady used to keep her sewing stuff and maybe her jewelleries here. The chairs are the oldest. They were made between 1600's. The crown's mirror is not antique. The original crown had been missing. But the mirror itself is old. My father bought them separetely and put them together.

My parents always got the antique stuff with very good price. Sometime the sellers themself just came and offered theirs to them. Or the stuff had been abandoned by the owner and just gave them to my parents. Well it's destiny, I think. (iku jenenge wes jodohe..)