Saturday, December 23, 2006


Got these paintings from my parents. These are not copies. They are real!!, were painted by the real artists. Original arts.

I don't like copy paintings. Very easily here to get the copy paintings, reproductions. Copy of Van Gogh's, copy of Picasso's, Renoir's, Dali's, Monet's, etc. Berserakan. Everywhere. Why they do that. Actually they are very good artists, they can paint!, they can copy the famous paintings very good. Why don't they just proud of theirself?. Maybe I know the answer, because western people here like to buy those!. For them it could be more class or style, if they have these in their home in Europe. Even they are reproductions off course. Because real paintings must be very...expensive there. They must be proud to have these.

The Krakatau was made around 1960's. It was painted by Srihadi Soedarsono. I think he liked to paint krakatau. Because he had made few paintings about krakatau.

Believed that one of Indonesian tycoons really wants The Srihadi Sudarsono Paintings which were made around 60's. He said that if he could to have those, he would paid milyaran rupiah for one piece. But I just wanna keep it for myself, me, my uncle's niece. Oom Srihadi.

Sorry not for sale. Family value.

These Lukisan Pasar were made by Koempoel. As a Javanese, (older generation) my late father really liked paintings about traditional market-market life-suasana pasar. These were his favourites. I don't know what year these painting were made. But for sure I've known these since I was a kid, for more than 30 years.....

This painting is belongs to Arif. His opa gave it to him. My late father knew that my elder son likes boats so much. This lukisan kapal was a special gift (special delivery) for cucu opa. Arif Hermanto.

This painting below is also old enough. Painted by an ITB (Institute of Technology Bandung) student in 1960's.